EUGEN 2018 Austria – Review

EUGEN 2018 in Sittersdorf, Austria was a great success. We would like to say a big thank you to our orga team from Austria and all participants for making this meeting as memorable as it was. A more detailed report and fotos will follow soon. We hope everyone had a save trip home and will have a smile on their face as often as they think about last week.
EUGENs New Years meeting will be revived this year and happen in Zagreb, Croatia. Stay tuned for more information.
Next years EUGEN will take place in Lithuania from 05.-11.08.2019.

A message from the Belgians!

“Dear all,

Eugen 2016 Belgium is coming closer and closer, with only one month and a half to go! As probably most of you know, every evening we have some time to listen to presentations with a geoscientific subject. Of course, this is only possible if we have people who want to give a presentation!

Therefore, if u are interested in giving a presentation about a geoscientific topic of your choice (your thesis- or Phd-subject, information about studying geosciences at universities in your country, a subject of your interests,…) at Eugen 2016, please send an e-mail to with your name and the subject of your presentation!

We also need some new volunteering countries for hosting Eugen 2017! If u are willing to organise Eugen 2017, please prepare a presentation about why it should be held in your country!

Best regards and see you in August!

Rik Vangilbergen and the rest of the ORGA-squad”

P.S.: For those who haven’t registered and paid yet, don’t wait any longer!! Registrations are open for everyone now!

Looking back on 2015

Another year passed, another EUGEN-meeting lies behind us. In August it has been the 20th time EUGEN took place, for the first time in Poland. In general it was a great event. The detailed report of the meeting is published in the “History” section.

This years EUGEN will be in Belgium from 1st to 7th of August. News and information are published here and on our Facebook page.

In November the general assembly of the EUGEN e.V. took place in Tübingen. Among other topics we discussed was the appointment of a new member of the chairperson. Gunnar our secretary for 3 years gave up his post and Sophie from Austria, who was on the advisory board before takes his place. A big thank you to Gunnar for his work and support at the EUGEN e.V. and welcome Sophie in our association. Adrian from Freiburg agreed to take the vacant spot as advisor.



General meeting in Aachen on the 8th of November

Our members had spoken. An annual meeting of all members of our society took place during the national meeting of geoscience student body associatons in Aachen (GER) on saturday the 8th of november. Every two years our society has to elect a new leadership and this year our leadership got reelected:

First chairman Andreas Kraft
Second chairman Moritz Georg
Finances Arne Grobe
Secretary Gunnar Oeltzschner

Our adviser team:
Christian Knell
Felix Hüttenrauch
Johanna Metzger
Sophie Hollinetz
Marina Brinkmann
Tobias Woznitza

An awesome team to process all the things we’ve planed for the following two years!